Posted on Jun 5, 2020

Waterproofing Pretoria East - Leaking Roof Repairs

Waterproofing concrete roof.
Concrete roofs when not protected with waterproofing water will enter the concrete slab and mould will form. If not looked after, waterproofing systems will crack and lift off the slab. Now, water underneath the waterproofing damages the slab and forms mould.
Mould is forming and some interior water damage in the building is apparent. This is as a result of the deterioration of the old waterproofing system.
Should the waterproofing not be removed and re-done the reinforcing inside the concrete will start to corrode. This will weaken the roof structure and water seeping thru will cause internal ceiling damage.
The growth of mould will cause medical issues.
Your step by applying the new waterproofing system is as follows :
Total removal of damaged waterproofing. Removal of dust and debris. The area is cleaned with a high-power hose. Applying a new bonding agent on top of the concrete slab and the new waterproofing system as per the manufacturer's specifications. A cost of paint will seal the waterproofing, protecting it against UV beams.
After the application of the new waterproofing system, the building is leak free. Small maintenance needs to be done on the waterproofing every 5 years to ensure that it still serves its purpose.
Tremco offers a 5-year guarantee on all material and workmanship. An extended guarantee every 5 years is issued every 5years with the maintenance plan.
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